NEW: VISTA euro year-of-issue albums vol. 2022

Our popular annual OPTIMA albums allow you to conveniently store sets of euro coins in circulation according to the year and country of issue. Contents: VISTA euro coin sheets made from sturdy card with durable rigid PVC ports (2-euro coin sets per page). References all the mints. Elegant leatherette cover with detailed embossing on the cover and spine. Coloured national flags lend the coin sheets a premium appearance. Collection can be extended with new volumes appearing annually. Incl. matching slipcase. Overall size: 250 x 280 x 65 mm

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NEW: VOLTERRA presentation case for 12 Lunar III silver coins (1 oz) in capsules

It’s quite rare for a coin set to be issued multiple times. However, the Lunar series from Australia has become such a great success that the Perth Mint issued a third series featuring animals from the Chinese lunar calendar. The first Lunar III series, depicting the mouse, was released in 2020. Produced in gold, silver and platinum, the Australian “Lunars” are strictly limited edition and have thus become highly sought-after collector’s items. Premium presentation cases for storing 12 Lunar III silver coins (1 oz) in original-capsules. Elegant, silver printing on lid and cushion featuring coin designs of the silver coins. The lid cushion is covered in black satin. Features a secure and unobtrusive magnet fastener. Overall size: 305 x 245 x 30 mm. 

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NEW: ULTRA Perfect Fit round coin capsules

The new ULTRA Perfect Fit premium coin capsules are tailor-made for many of the most common coins. Capsules are available for all euro coins and the most prevalent bullion coins – their precise measurements enabling the coins to sit snugly, with no sliding or wobbling. A really perfect fit! The capsules are made from high-quality polyacrylic (PMMA), meaning they are particularly scratch-resistant and display the coins superbly.

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The EURO catalogue from LEUCHTTURM presents an extensive collection of coins, banknotes, and coin sets in circulation since the launch of the euro in the respective country. The book also provides further detailed information on coins in circulation, a summary of all 2-euro commemorative coins as well as identifying the transnational European issues.  A new edition of the catalogue is published anually in which all coins known up to the editorial deadline are taken into account and mintage of early issues have been updated. Colored illustrations, which make the finding of the pieces easier, updates as well as a favorable price make the work an indispensable reference work for every collector of euro coins.

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NEW: LUXOR coin etuis for QUADRUM coin capsules

LUXOR coin etuis – precision at its finest. The sophisticated workmanship eliminates gaps and puts the focus squarely on the stylish black surface. The velvet-like coating on the inside finishes the design off elegantly.

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NEW: LOGIK archive box for QUADRUM coin capsules / coin holders

The high-quality LOGIK archive box in elegant matt black design is ideal for storing 80 QUADRUM coin capsules or 160 coin holders. A recess in the lid makes the archive box easy to open. With the LOGIK archive box, clear and protected storage is guaranteed. Overall size: 285 x 120 x 65 mm.

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NEW:  LOGIK archive boxes for gold bars in blister packaging/ coin cards

 Black archive boxes for up to 40 gold bars in blister packaging or coin cards (85 x 54 mm). Fixed divisions for sorting the collectors' items. Small depressions in the lid for easy opening. The high degree of sturdiness provides permanent protection. Modern design.

auf dem w                        

 Portrait                                                         Landscape

Overall size: 300 x 65 x 95 mm                  Overall size: 300 x 100 x 60 mm                         

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The new accessories catalogues will be released on 1 October 2021!

 At the beginning of October you can take a look at the new accessories catalogues for coin and stamp accessories. You will also find our favourite new arrivals for this year.


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NEW:  Protective pocket for medals, medallions, and decorations

Only appropriate and suitable storage preserves the beauty and value of your collection. Protect your collection from external influences, e.g. with the LEUCHTTURM protective bags made of crystal-clear, plasticiser-free hard PVC film. The protective bags are ideal for orders, medals, decorations and other collectibles.

auf dem w               

 50 x 100 mm                                         100 x 100 mm                  

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NEW: Pocket album for 36 Tourism Medals (Médailles Touristiques)

Album for storing 36 tourism medals. Content: 6 permanently fastened coin sheets with pocket inserts made of softener-free rigid PVC. Each sheet holds 6 coins sized up to a diameter of 35 mm (1 ¼"). With colorful, laminated cover.


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 NEW: AIRBOX VIEW coin etui for 1 QUADRUM capsule 

 Black coin etui made of sturdy cardboard for QUADRUM capsules. The highlights: viewing window to look at the coins and display function for coin presentation. Tray featuring a black velour surface. Unobtrusive magnetic closure. Capsules are not included.


NEW: Presentation case for 30 Krugerrand gold coins (1 oz.) in capsules

Elegant black presentation case for collecting 30 Krugerrand gold coins (1 oz.) in LEUCHTTURM capsules (CAPS33). 1 tray featuring a black velour surface and 30 round cavities (Ø 39 mm / 1 1/2 "). Gold-colored printing on lid and cushion with coin design. Lid cushion is up-holstered in black satin. Secure and unobtrusive magnetic lock. Overall size: 305 x 30 x 245 mm (12 x 1 1/4 x 9 5/8 "). Capsules are not included.
Kruggerand presentation case

High-quality document album for storing small stamp sheets, bonds/historical documents, references, certificates and other assorted A4 documents. Includes sturdy plastic sheets to store and display your documents in style. 
Document album with 50 pockets

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NEW: Linen Tester 5x, black

Magnifier made of metal in black matt with 5x magnification and scale in cm/inches. Lens coverage: 25 x 25 mm (1 x1"). Collapsible. Lens diameter: 28 mm (1 1/10"). Foldaway. Height: 60 mm (2 1/3 ").

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High-quality presentation case in a mahogany wood-grain finish with one fixed tray. For 12 coins up to 66 mm Ø, 12 coin capsules QUADRUM XL or 12 coin holders XL. Overall size: 305 x 30 x 245 mm (12 x 1 1/4 x 9 5/8").


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NEW: Pocket album 2EURO for 48 2-euro coins

Album for storing 48 2-euro coins. Content: 8 permanently fastened coin sheets with pocket inserts made of softener-free rigid PVC. Each sheet holds 6 coins sized up to a diameter of 33 mm (1 ¼"). With colorful, laminated cover. Overall size: 115 x 160 x 20 mm (4 ½ x 6 ¼ x ¾").

Pocket album 2EUROPocket album 2EURO

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NEW: Bright-field magnifier with 4x magnification

Bright field magnifier with 4x magnification. The glass lens (diameter: 75 mm) is placed directly on the item to be magnified. The plano-convex shape of the lens provides optimal light conditions and the surface below the magnifying glass appears brighter than the surrounding area. Consequently, the magnifier is perfect for reading or examining stamps or postcards. The bright field magnifying glass is handy and compact, and comes in a black velvet pouch that protects the lens from being scratched.

Bright-field magnifier 4x

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 NEW: Photo stand for mobile phones

Sturdy stand for taking photos with cell phones and smartphones. Features large, round and firm base with suction pad (diameter: 69 mm / 2 ¾") that prevents the phone’s camera from wobbling. Thanks to the flexible arm (length: 200 mm / 7 ?"), the distance to the object can be altered. This makes it possible to take a close-up picture as well as full shot of e.g. slabs. The ball joint on which the phone’s mount rests, can also be moved to different angles. The phone’s mount can be tilted to an angle of roughly 45° and turned horizontally by 360°. The mount width is infinitely adjustable and features a soft anti-slip surface. Ideal for cell phones and smartphones between 50 mm (2") and 95 mm (3 ¾") wide. Size of mount (closed): 110 x 70 mm (4 ?" x 2 ¾"). Total weight: 145 g.

Photo stand for mobile phones   Photo stand for mobile phones



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New: Book safe with key

Psst, listen in: the LEUCHTTURM book safe is the perfect hiding place for your valuables, important documents, cash and jewelry. On the outside, it looks like a LEUCHTTURM stock book, but when you open it up, the inside contains a steel safe with a secure cylinder lock. By assuming the format of book pages, the fore-edge is plastic, the book looks extremely authentic and is completely inconspicuous. As the book size is relatively small, this book safe is ideal for taking on your travels. Material: leatherette cover, safe made of steel (thickness: 0.8 mm). 2 keys, each with a separate key number that is unique to the integrated lock, are included. Book color: black with gold-colored embossing. Size of safe (inside): 229 x 137 x 40 mm. Size of book: 240 x 155 x 55 mm.

Book safe with keyBook safe with key

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Month's offer November

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Coin etui NOBILE for 1x 2-euro coin in capsule, black

 This elegant, leatherette coin etui can hold one 2-euro coin in a LEUCHTTURM capsule (CAPS26 / CAPSP26, inner diameter 26 mm / 1"). Sturdy metal casing covered with black, finely napped, padded leatherette. Black, mock velour-covered tray and a circular port (diameter 32 mm / 1 ¼"). The lid cushion is covered in white satin. Incl. white satin ribbon to hold a certificate. Elegant, silver-colored lid design. Overall size: 65 x 65 x 26 mm (2 ½ x 2 ½ x 1"). Capsule not included.

Coin etui NOBILE Coin etui NOBILE

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Protect your valuables against theft or unauthorized access with the LEUCHTTURM KAVENT safe. The safe’s walls are made of 2 mm-thick steel and its door is made of 4 mm steel. The safe is locked by means of a two-way key and 2 solid steel bolts. Thanks to its specially sized interior, the safe is large enough to store office ring binders (A4 size), 3 GRANDE ring binders (incl. slipcase), 7 NUMIS ring binders (incl. slipcase; upright), 13 MB coin drawers, 8 VOLTERRA UNO wooden coin drawers, stockbooks, PERFECT turn-bar binders, LUXUS springback binders, EXCELLENT ring binders and lots more. A soft felt mat on the inside base prevents your valuables from getting scratched. Two screw holes are located on the back as well as the base of the safe, meaning that the safe can be affixed to a wall or wardrobe wall or to the ground or to the shelf floor (fittings included). 2 two-way keys, each with a separate key number that is unique to the integrated lock are included in the package. Weight: 13.5 kg. Size of door opening: 355 x 240 mm / 14 x 9 1/2" (L x H). Interior space*: 425 x 290 x 340 mm / 16 3/4 x 11 3/8 x 13 3/8" (L x H x D). Overall size: 430 x 295 x 360 mm / 17 x 11 5/8 x 14 1/8" (L x H x D).


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Round Capsules ULTRA

 Thanks to proven technology, the coin capsules ULTRA Intercept offer a completely new kind of coin collecting.

The foam ring inside the capsules with a thickness of 3 mm is based on the patented Intercept technology, which is proven for more than 30 years. The copper particles in the material bind corrosive gases permanently and as a result neutralise harmful atmospheric substances inside the capsule. This protects the coins from tarnishing. Guaranteed protection up to 15 years! The effect was verified by the reliable norms DIN, EN, ISO and ASTM amongst others. Available for all coins with a diameter from 26 to 41 mm (in millimeter steps). 

ULTRA Intercept

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Bestseller: PRESSO Euro Coin Collection, for 26 complete euro coin sets

Colourful coin album made from high-quality, printed strong card featuring cut-outs for accommodating 26 complete euro coin sets (1-cent to 2-euro coins in circulation). This coin album features all euro-zone countries excluding the microstates of Monaco, San Marino, the Vatican and Andorra. Overall size (closed): 255 x 280 mm (10 x 11")

Münzalbum PressoMünzalbum Presso

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NEW: Zero Euro Souvenir Banknote "Roter Sand"

Following the great success of the "Billetes Touristiques” in France, the collection has spread to cover an area spanning across the border from France into other European countries such as Germany, Portugal and Spain and is the 2019 theme for collectors.

This is our second LEUCHTTURM euro souvenir note, adorned by a German lighthouse. The indicated lighthouse called “Roter Sand”, translated to “Red sand”, is located in the German bay and was built in 1885. It is still highly likely that we will continue to issue more euro souvenir notes featuring lighthouses in the years to come, featuring the hallmark LEUCHTTURM quality.

Roter Sand

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NEW: CARGO S6 coin case in black/silver

S-sized coin case incl. burgundy red mock velour trays. Padded lid. Fully lined in black velour. Lockable (2 keys). Metal fittings. Colour: black/silver. Overall size: 292 x 97 x 213 mm. Available in 3 different formats:

For 144 coins up to 33 mm:
Includes 6 coin trays, each holding 24 coins up to 33 mm in diameter (e.g. 2-euro coins in capsules).
For 120 coins up to 41 mm:

Includes 6 trays, each holding 20 coins up to 41 mm in diameter (e.g. 10-euro (until 2015) and 20-euro coins in capsules).

For 112 coins up to 48 mm:

Including 2 trays, each holding 24 coins up to 33 mm in diameter, 2 trays holding 20 coins up to 41 mm in diameter and 2 trays which each hold 12 coins up to 48 mm in diameter.

Münzkoffer CARGO S6Münzkoffer CARGO S6

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NEW: Stockbooks STAMPS

As colorful as the world: The stockbooks STAMPS are real eye-catchers thanks to their cheer- and colorful cover with banderole!

The stockbooks STAMPS have, of course, all the important quality features that you have come to expect of all LEUCHTTURM stockbooks. For covers, pages, strips, binding and interleaves, we therefore only use selected materials, which guarantee appealing and secure storage for your stamps. 

Einsteckbücher STAMPS

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NEW: Coin stand for presenting coins

Triangle stand made of highly transparent plastic for coins, medals, capsules etc. 


The Leuchtturm Group is “Family Business Entrepreneur 2019”

DIE FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER e.V. (German Association of Family Business Entrepreneurs) voted the Leuchtturm Group as Family Business Entrepreneur 2019. The award ceremony took place during the business gala dinner held in the Elb-Panorama penthouse overlooking the Port of Hamburg in late June.

“We would very much like to thank our staff, some of who are here tonight. We would certainly not be standing here if it weren’t for them – and we’ll be passing on this award directly to them”, emphasised Kurt Stürken, who accepted the “business gear lever” award along with sons Axel and Max Stürken.

The winner was chosen by an independent jury of Hamburg celebrity entrepreneurs and media representatives for the 26th time. This award honours companies with local roots who take responsibility for creating jobs in the region. Key aspects for the jury also include a successful next-generation transition, the personality of the entrepreneurs as well as innovative skills and sustainability.


Max Stürken, Kurt Stürken und Axel Stürken

NEW: Presentation case for 20 Britannia silver coins (1 oz.) in capsules

Elegant black presentation case for collecting 20 Britannia silver coins (1 oz.) in LEUCHTTURM capsules (CAPS 39 / CAPS 40). 1 tray featuring a black velour surface and 20 round cavities (Ø 45 mm / 1 ¾"). Silver-colored printing on lid and cushion with coin design. Lid cushion is up-holstered in black satin. Secure and unobtrusive magnetic lock. Overall size: 305 x 30 x 245 mm (12 x 1 ¼ x 9 ?").


Münzkassette BritanniaMünzkassette Britannia

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NEW: GRANDE 4CT sheets

Crystal-clear plastic sleeves GRANDE with 8 pockets in the format 106 x 72 mm(4 ⅙  x 2 ¾ ’’). Highly transparent welded strips completely cover the inserted collection items, thereby offering optimum protection. Document quality: 100% free from chemical softeners and acids.8-cm perforation. For coin cards, gold bar cards, business and telephone cards. The documents can be viewed from the front and back. Pack of 5.


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Back in stock: Coin presentation case for 10 coin trays

Coin box for up to 10 MB coin boxes or 6 XL coin boxes. Black leatherette case, lined in red velour. Lockable (2 keys). With label holder and stable, comfortable carrying handle. Metal closures and 4 feet. Overall size: 328 x 263 x 263 mm (13 x 10 3/8 x 10 3/8"). 


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Introductory offer: CARGO MULTI collector’s case

A collectors case for safe and convenient storage of coin sets, CDs, approval cards, postcards, banknote cases etc. Flexible compact storage provides space for collectors’ items up to a height of 168 mm (6 5/8") and a width of 220 mm (7") or rather 370 mm (14 3/4"). 

Sammelkoffer CARGO MULTISammelkoffer CARGO MULTI XL

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NEW: QUADRUM Mini coin capsules

The quadratic QUADRUM coin capsule is now available in the „mini“ version! Utilise the advantages of our QUADRUM system for all prevalent coins (e.g., Euro coins) now from a diameter
of 10 (!) to 29 mm. Available in all sizes to the nearest mm.

• Crystal-clear, scratch-resistant plastic provides optimum protection for your coins
• Capsules with perfectly fitting black inlays (acid and softener-free EVA foam)
• Firm yet easy-to-open fastening
• Fill height of the mini capsules: 3,3 mm / Overall size: 38 x 38 x 6,4 mm
• Extensive accessories assortment (see reverse side)

✓ Through the outer format of 38 x 38 x 6,4 mm you may store up to 130% more capsules /coins in one collection system when compared to QUADRUM (50 x 50 x 6,25 mm).
✓ Especially suited for small coin diameters.


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NEW: Album for 156 tickets

Colorful album for storing up to 156 tickets. With 26 bound sheets for 6 tickets each (when storing two tickets per pocket). The sheets can be filled from the top and have an internal dimension of 216 x 97 mm (8 ½ x 3 ?") (bigger size tickets can protrude upwards without creasing). Each sheet offers secure storage and protection against dirt and grime. Sheets made from clear plastic, allowing you to view both sides of the ticket. The pretty, laminated cover shows a number of illustrations of different tickets from all over the world. Ideal for your valuable and unique memorabilia! 


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NEW: Album for Geocoins and Travel-Bugs

Complete album with 5 NUMIS sheets (No. 330 456) for the secure and presentable storage of 30 Geocoins and TBs (Travel-Bugs) with a diameter of up to 55 mm (2 1/8"). The album is expandable and has space for up to 15 NUMIS sheets. In the large LEUCHTTURM sheet assortment, you will find besides the aforementioned sheets, sheets for smaller and larger coins and TBs (e.g. up to 34 mm / 1 3/8", 44 mm / 1 3/4", or 66 mm / 2 5/8" diameters) as well as white and black interleaves for the visual separation of collector items. Album incl. sheet for creating your own table of contents. The colorful, laminated cover is robust and wipe-resistant, which makes the album the ideal companion for any event. With 4-squared-ring mechanism.

Geocoin Album

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 NEW: Einsteckbücher COMFORT „Metallic Edition“

Totally trendy: The stockbooks COMFORT „Metallic edition“ come in three modern colors silver, gold and bronze and offer a particularly sparkling frame for your collection. 
The stockbooks have, of course, all the important quality features that you have come to expect of all LEUCHTTURM stockbooks. For covers, pages, strips, binding and interleaves, we therefore only use selected materials, which guarantee appealing and secure storage for your stamps. 

Einsteckbücher COMFORT Metallic

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