Now available: Supplements 2016 for pre-printed albums

All LIGHTHOUSE- and KABE- illustrated pages 2016 of the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, UNO-Geneva, UNO-New York, UNO-Vienna are now orderable.

 Supplements 2016

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Euro Catalogue for coins and banknotes 2017

Contains all Euro standard and commemorative coins from 1999. Incl. 2 Euro commemorative coins. Incl. Euro bank notes. History of the introduction of the Euro. Over 500 colour pages!  


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Collector box K60 with 60 compartments, blue

The box provides several storage possibilities, for example for  surprise-egg toys, figurines, charms, mineral stones, shells, pieces of  jewellery, buttons, miniature perfume bottles, holiday souvenirs and  much more.  

Sammlerbox K 60

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SONNE 5 LED table lamp

Thanks to three different light colors (warm white, neutral white and daylight white) and 4 different brightness settings, this lamp allows you to select the desired lighting for virtually any situation, whether it’s needed for working, reading, as background lighting or as a night light.
It is easy to use and can be operated by lightly touching the symbols on the lamp base. Thanks to the two joints at the top and bottom of the lamp neck, the lighting angle can be adapted to perfectly suit your own needs and the lamp can be folded up and stored to save space if required.


Ref. No.: 354 284                  

SONNE 1 LED table lamp

Thanks to three different light colors (warm white, neutral white and daylight white) and four different brightness settings, this lamp allows you to select the desired lighting, whether it’s needed for working, reading, as background lighting or as a night light. It is easy to use and can be operated by lightly touching the symbols on the lamp base. The very flexible neck of the lamp is particularly practical. It enables you to move the lamp into almost any position so that the lighting angle can be adapted to suit your needs.


Ref. No.: 354 285                  

Case for 650 coin holders

Coin case with 5 rows to store up to 650 coin holders or 150 QUADRUM coin capsules. Incl. 5 “stoppers”, allowing you to fix partially filled rows in place (so that the coin holders do not tip up). Fully lined in black velour. Lockable (two keys). Sturdy frame, reinforced with corner fittings made of aluminium. Practical, elegant handle. This case is ideal for transporting your collection.

Koffer fuer 650 Muenzraehmchen

SHERLOCK watermark detector

With the SHERLOCK watermark detector, reveal every detail of your  stamps, whether it is watermarks or paper irregularities, quality  defects or repairs. It is extremely easy to use: Insert stamp, turn on the light, and you  can already see the secrets of your stamps in every detail – no  chemicals used, therefore no danger for your stamps.

SHERLOCK watermark detector

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BASIS work mat

This soft, heavy-duty mat provides ideal working conditions and protects  tabletops as well as your collectors’ items from scratches and stains:  The top of the work mat is made from a smooth, fuzz-free material. The BASIS work mat can also be used for a wide range of other  activities, such as when making repairs, improving and maintaining  models, watches and pieces of jewelry and when examining and dealing  with minerals, fossils, precious stones, etc.

Arbeitsunterlage Basis

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This stylish album in a white or black design contains 5 MATRIX slide in panels for holding 60 MATRIX coin holders.The album and the MATRIX slip-in panels aren’t just especially sturdy, they are also perfectly colour coordinated with MATRIX coin holders. This means your coins will be presented in the best possible way.

Sammelsystem MATRIX

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NEW: Polishing cloth 4 in 1

This finely woven, fleecy cleaning cloth with its 4 zones is truly multitalented!
It removes dirt with ease on silver, gold, platinum, brass and copper and leaves your coins, medals and decorations bright and shiny again.
The trick: Each part of the cloth is suitable for another material and is accordingly impregnated with different additives. Material: 100 % cotton. Overall size: 350 x 350 mm (13 3/4 x 13 3/4")

Poliertuch 4 in 1

Ref. No.:353837                 

NEW: CAPS XL 53-101 mm coin capsule

The XL coin capsule is ideal for storing particularly large coins of up to 101 mm in diameter – for example, 1 kg coins. They contain 12 individually removable spacing rings made from black.The coin capsule is made from high-quality, scratch-resistant plastic and is ideal as a replacement for scratched or defective original capsules for larger coins.


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NEW: Pocket microscope MINISCOPE

The practical mini microscope with 20x magnification is ideal for a multitude of applications, e.g. examining coins, banknotes or stamps, or for use at school, university or home. Outstanding image sharpness and resolution. Optimal illumination of the object to be viewed even in poor lighting conditions, thanks to 2 bright LED lights.


Ref. No.:347992

NEW: coin album NUMIS for 2-Euro

All albums come with sheets and pre-printed sheets with illustrations and information to date of issue, coin motifs and reasons of issue to all previous released 2-euro commemorative coins. Overall size: 230x210 mm.

NUMIS 2-EURO-Vordruckalbum

Ref. No.: 348088                 

NEW: UV pocket torch L83 "2 in 1"

The 6 UV LEDs with a 365nm (long-wave) wavelength provide a multitude of possible applications.
The pocket torch is ideal for determining the fluorescence of banknotes, stamps, minerals and fossils, for verification of credit cards and driving licenses, making UV fluorescent colors visible.

UV-Taschenlampe L83

Ref. No.: 349388                 

NEW: ROUTE 2-Euro pocket album for 48 2-euro coins

This handy pocket album holds 48 2-euro coins and is perfect for travelling and trading. 6 coin sheets, each with space for 8 2-euro coins, with durable crystal clear inserts (free from chemical softeners). Padded, dark blue cover and elaborate, silver-coloured embossing. Overall size: 120 x 165 mm (4 3/4 x 6 1/2").

Tachenalbum ROUTE für 2 €

Ref. No.: 350454                 

NEW: Presentation case VOLTERRA for silver coins

Elegant black presentation case to house 20 silver American Eagle, Maple Leaf, Kookaburra, Koala or Panda coins (1 oz. edition) in original capsules.One tray featuring a mock black surface and 20 circular field. Silver-coloured printing on lid and cushion. Overall size: 305 x 30 x 245 mm (12 x 1 1/4 x 9 2/3")

HMK Wiener PhilharmonikerHMK Wiener Philharmonika geschl.

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Nostalgic album for holding 200 historical postcards

Nostalgic album for holding 200 historical postcards up to size 145 x 95 mm (5 3/4 x 3 3/4"). With 50 permanently bound sheets for holding 4 postcards each (when storing two cards per pocket). Each sheet offers secure holding and protection against impurities. Sheet made of transparent, softener-free plastic for two-sided viewing of the cards.

Album f. 600 hist. PostkartenAlbum f. 200 hist. Postkarten

Ref. No.: 348002                 

NEW: TABLO presentation case, empty, space for 10 trays

This presentation case made from padded, black leatherette has an extra  large capacity. Presentation case without contents, allowing you to  assemble the trays as you wish, suitable for use with up to 10 TAB or  TAB PROTECTOR L-sized trays. The three-fold lid can be opened in such a  way that it can be used as a work surface. The V-shaped recess makes it  easier to insert and remove the tray. Two gold-coloured press studs.  Overall size: 360 x 245 x 46 mm.

Münzkassette TABLO

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NEW: Presentation case for 60 QUADRUM coin capsules

High-quality, black presentation case to house 60 QUADRUM coin capsules or coin holders. 3 trays, each featuring a black velour-effect surface and 20 square ports (50 x 50 mm). Trays particularly sturdy thanks to a wooden frame. The lid cushion is covered in black satin, and the case features a secure and unobtrusive magnetic lock

Münzkassette QUADRUM

Ref. No.: 347919                  

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