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Set of albums „European 2€ commemorative coins“ vol.1+2+3+Joint Issues, incl. slipcase

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Product description

OPTIMA classic coin album for storing all the European 2-euro commemorative coins, which take into account all five German mints (A, D, F, G, J) The theme “Europe’s 2-euro commemorative coins is covered in a separate album. Includes coin sheets and pre-printed ablum pages and important background information regarding year of issue, the coin motif and the issue occasion. Brought up to date thanks to the annually released supplements. Overall size of slipcase: 250 x 280 x 65 mm.

Album 1+2 for "Europe 2-euro commemorative coins. (Volume 1 2004-2013, Volume 2, 2014-2017, Volume3 2018)
Album 4 for "Europe 2-euro joint issue (up to and including 100 Jahre Unabhängigkeit )

Background information all in German.