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Item number: 801504

Product description

For all popular stamp formats. The strip mount is 4 mm bigger in size, so the stamp can be placed in the centre, as if in a frame.

Clear stamp mounts are ideal for e.g. organising pre-printed (illustrated) pages. By contrast, the stamp mounts featuring a black backing film highlight the stamp`s perforated edge, showcasing the actual stamp.

All the benefits at a glance:

Years of experience in the production of stamp mounts
"Made in Germany" quality
Extensive range of stamp strips
Holds stamps securely in place thanks to the strong seam
Maximum protection against sticking, discolouration, dust and moisture
Material: 100% polystyrene (free from chemical softener, acid, stabilisers)
Anti-glare coating prevents irritating light reflections
Specially gummed on the back of the film (simply moisten and stick)
Strips and "cut-to-size" mounts are also available in your desired size