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Item number: 325752

Please enter the collection area, page number or Michel no. on your order form in the commentary section!

Please note that the delivery of the single sheets can take up to 3-4 months if the single sheets are not in stock. In this case, the single sheets will be produced.

9,95 incl. VAT and exclusive of shipping
Item in stock, delivery in 5-10 working days

Product description

Please let us know the desired area, the page number or the number of the Michel catalogue in the commentary section.

Some illustrated sheets from LEUCHTTURM and KABE are also available on an individual basis:
Germany (incl. Federal Republic, Old German States, Bavaria, Württemberg, „Deutsches Reich“, Berlin, DDR,
Allied-occupation of Germany, ...) incl. single corner stamps, horizontal pairs), Europe only standard issues
(except Romania, Turkey, Croatia, Slovakia, Malta, Cyprus, Portugal, Poland, Gibraltar, Slovenia, Hungary,
Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, San Marino, Azores, Russia).
In addition, single pages for booklets and mini sheets are available for the collection themes France, Denmark,
Norway, Austria, and Switzerland. Furthermore, single pages for the standard issues from Israel, Australia, UNO,
Canada, and the USA are also available

Are you perhaps only missing a few sheets to complete your pre-printed album or does one of your sheets possibly have an unsightly coffee stain? In this case, we may be able to help you with our extensive stock of single pages. There we store a large part of all LEUCHTTURM and KABE pre-printed pages. With a bit of luck, you will also find the pages you are looking for.

You can obtain single pages either from your specialist dealer or directly from the LEUCHTTURM collector's service (by telephone, e-mail or fax). Important: For your order of single pages, we need the exact page number of the respective single page.

To find the page number

You will find the page numbers in the numerous individual page indexes, in which all the pages of a pre-printed album are listed with the respective Michel numbers of all the printed stamps.

Single Page directory

Collecting area
Ref. No.
Old German States 1849 - 1923 Ref. No. 19
Deutsches Reich - Empire1872-1918
Ref. No. 20/1
Deutsches Reich - Weimar Republic1919-1932 Ref. No. 20/2
Deutsches Reich - Se-tenants Empire/Republic1910-1932 Ref. No. 20 Z
Deutsches Reich - Colonies & offices abroad Ref. No. 21 A
Danzig incl. Port Gdansk Ref. No. 21 B
Memel Ref. No. 21 C
Saar 1920-1935 Ref. No. 21 D
Deutsches Reich - Occupied territories in WW I
Ref. No. 21 E
Deutsches Reich - Plebiscite territories Ref. No. 21 F
Deutsches Reich / homeland only 1933-1945 Ref. No. 22 A
Deutsches Reich - Se-tenants 1933-1941 Ref. No. 22 Z
Deutsches Reich - Bohemia & Moravia, General government, Occupied territories in WW II
Ref. No. 22 B / 22 C & 22 D
Deutsches Reich - Occupied territories in WW II Ref. No. 22 BG
Germany - American & British zones
Ref. No. 23 AB
Germany - French zone Ref. No. 23 F
Germany - Soviet occupation zone Ref. No. 24 S
Saar 1947-1959 Ref. No. 23 D
Germany Ref. No. 23 A
Germany – Horizontal pairs Ref. No. 23 AP
Germany – Se-tenant combinations Ref. No. 23 AZ
Germany – Joint issues Ref. No. 23 GA
Germany – Carnets booklets Ref. No. 23 H
Germany – Coil stamps with EAN code fields Ref. No. 23 EAN
Ref. No. 23 B
Berlin - Horizontal pairs Ref. No. 23 BP
Berlin - Se-tenants combinations Ref. No. 23 BZ
DDR Ref. No. 24
DDR official and ZKD stamps Ref. No. 24 D
DDR - miniature sheets   Ref. No. 24 K
DDR - Se-tenants combinations Ref. No. 24 Z
EUROPE – Joint issues Ref. No. 71
EUROPE - Follower Ref. No. 71 B
K.S.Z.E. issues 1972-1986 France
Ref. No. 71 C
France Ref. No. 15
France – Self-adhesive stamps for corporate clients Ref. No. 15 PRO
France – Blocs “Souvenir Philatelique” Ref. No. 15 BS
France – Miniature sheets Ref. No. 15 K
France – Booklets Ref. No. 15 H
France - Personalised stamps Ref. No. 15 TP
Israel – Miniature sheets Ref. No. 87 K
Norway Ref. No. 43
Austria - Empire 1850-1918 & Republic of Germany and Austria 1918-1921
Ref. No. 18/1 & 18/2
Austria - Republic 1922-1938, incl. Austria in the 3rd Reich 1938-1945 Ref. No. 18/3
Austria - 2nd Republic as of 1945 Ref. No. 18/4 ff.
Austria – Miniature sheets Ref. No. 18 R/K
Austria – Carnets sets Ref. No. 18 H
Austria – Stamps from a dispenser Ref. No. 18 DIS
Austria - Ancillary areas
Ref. No. 18 NG
Switzerland Ref. No. 11
Switzerland - Official stamps and international bodies Ref. No. 11 A
Switzerland – Miniature sheets Ref. No. 11 K
Switzerland - special supplement Ref. No. SN 11
USA – Miniature sheets Ref. No. 53 K
Vaticano Ref. No. 13