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For the love of collecting

The passion of collecting is very extensive and does not contain itself only to classic collecting themes such as coin and stamps. Every kind of object can be the focus of a collector. Here you will find albums for diverse collection themes, e.g. bottle caps, beer mats, or pressed pennies. Maybe one or more of these albums can inspire you to discover a new collection theme.


48 Articles

Plastic pockets SH 312
Item in stock
Album CONCERT for 156 tickets
Item in stock
Pocket album for 36 Tourism Medals (Médailles Touristiques)
11,01 12,95 €
deliverable from 13.12.2024
Ring binder OPTIMA, in classicdesign
from_price 27,95
Item in stock
Pocket album ROUTE for 40 "Euro Souvenir" banknotes
8,46 9,95 €
Item in stock
Ringbinder OPTIMA pur
temporarily not deliverable
Plastic pockets FOLIO
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coin sheets NUMIS
from_price 6,95
Item in stock
Plastic pockets KANZLEI
Item in stock