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QUICKSLAB coin capsules for gold bars, 5 pcs pack

Item number: 367872
8,95 (pack of 5) incl. VAT and exclusive of shipping
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Product description

Square coin capsules, otherwise known as slabs, have long been the standard for storing coins in the international field of numismatics. The oblong holders are made of hard plastic and are considered highly practical because they are easy to stack. There is an increasing number of coin collectors in Europe who rely on this innovative and clever form of coin storage.
Meanwhile, slabs are not only used to store coins; gold bullion, too, can be kept in these oblong capsules. Leuchtturm has now designed a special slab tailored to the shape of a gold bar, such that the bar fits snug within the insert, after which the slab is closed. The gold bar can then be admired from all sides through the transparent capsule without damaging the contents.

59 x 85 x 10 mm

The black EVA foam has a 3 die-cut rings and a center disc
The center foam core should not be removed.
The 3 rings have the following size:
18 x 31 mm
24 x 39.5 mm
30 x 49.15 mm