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VOLTERRA Uno – coin case for 8 German 100-euro collector coins incl. boxes

Item number: 367366
99,95 incl. VAT and exclusive of shipping
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Product description

The 100-euro gold coins from Germany are the premium category of investment and collecting. Since 2002, this area of collecting has grown and is now an international bestseller. Since 2023, Germany has been inspiring discerning collectors with a new coin series after having brought the UNESCO World Heritage series (2002-2019) and “The Pillars of Democracy“ miniseries to a close (2020– 2022). The focus of attention is now on gold coins featuring masterpieces of German literature. These premium motifs come in an elegant etui.
Until now, collectors were always faced with the problem of how to store these etuis attractively, alongside the coins. Leuchtturm has now created the solution: the VOLTERRA 100 Euro Gold case for "Masterpieces of German Literature" features a tray with inserts for eight coins. A second tray underneath is designed specifically to store the etuis. This means that keen collectors of German gold coins are able to view the attractive embossing on the coins, but can conceal the etuis and yet have them at hand. The elegant velvety look underpins the stylish accessory product, i.e. it provides the best setting for these German gold coins.

external dimension: 345 x 60 265 mm

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