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VOLTERRA case for 1 x gold bar 500 g/1,000 g, mahogany

Item number: 368377
69,95 incl. VAT and exclusive of shipping
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Product description

The VOLTERRA coin etui for storing gold bars weighing 500g or 1kg is ideal as elegant storage for investors of precious metals or simply as stylish packaging for a gift. This is an excellent choice for anyone looking to safely store their valuable items. The aesthetically pleasing design of the etui provides a stylish and elegant way of presenting your gold bars. The top-quality faux wood etui and the padded interior offer extra protection and give the etui a look of luxury. The handy magnetic clasp also makes it easy to open and close.

Outer format: 160 x 95 x 40 mm

Suitable inlays for the 500 g bars of the manufacturers Heraeus (91 x 41 mm / depth 8 mm), Valcambi (85 x 40 mm / depth 7 mm) and Umicore (62 x 33 mm / depth 17 mm) & for the 1000 g bars of the manufacturers Heraeus (117 x 51 mm / depth 9 mm), Valcambi (117 x 53 mm / depth 9 mm) and Umicore (107 x 44 mm / depth 13 mm)

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