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VOLTERRA coin case ‚Queen Elizabeth II‘ for 5 sovereigns in capsules

Articlenumber: 368467
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Sovereign coins are the most minted gold coins in the world. They were once used for trading but have now mainly become an alternative form of investment for people who are looking to invest in gold in the lower price sector. And the sovereign gold coins depict the life of the longest-reigning British monarch: during her reign from 1952 until 2022, Queen Elizabeth II was portrayed with five different portraits, whereas Queen Victoria, the previous record holder, appeared on the coins in “only” three formal images.
The VOLTERRA “Queen Elizabeth II” coin etui is therefore ideal for collectors and investors alike. It holds up to 5 sovereign coins in capsules and was designed specifically to house each of the five different portraits of Queen Elizabeth II. Nevertheless, this coin etui is also perfect to store other coins from earlier minting eras from 1817.

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