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coin album PRESSO, Euro Collection Volume 1

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Product description

The introduction of the euro as coinage in 2002 led to a boom in numismatics: millions of people in Europe wanted to own a complete collection of the circulation coins from the twelve countries that were present at the beginning of the euro era.

The PRESSO EURO-COLLECTION 1 coin album has become a popular companion for many collectors. The bestseller from Leuchtturm is the perfect storage option, especially for those new to collecting: the scrapbook is made of high-quality printed sturdy cardboard and the inserts are precisely pre-punched so that the first 12 euro coin sets can be easily pressed in:

Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Spain.

The coin album PRESSO EURO-COLLECTION 1 promises collecting pleasure from the very first minute: all coin motifs are printed in the background of the punched fields and offer an orientation as to which coins are still missing and which motifs still need to be looked out for. This makes the hunt for euro rarities a pleasure - and the euro collection is kept in a visually appealing and secure setting. Overall size: 255 x 280 mm.

In the coin album PRESSO EURO-COLLECTION 1 there are eight placeholders for the coins of one cent, two cents and five cents (reddish colored, steel with copper coating), ten, twenty and fifty cents (yellowish colored, Nordic gold) as well as one and two euros (bimetal) provided. Big Euro countries like Germany, France or Spain find their place in the album as well as Euro rarities from Finland or Luxembourg.

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