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coin album PRESSO, Euro Collection Volume 2 "New Member countries"

Articlenumber: 337527

• 12 complete sets of euro coins
• Outer format: 255 x 279 mm
• Material: Laminated cardboard (inside and outside)

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Since the introduction of the euro in 2002, the euro family has continued to grow - and with it the Europe-wide community of coin collectors: euro collectors across Europe are eagerly awaiting the minting of new euro coins in countries that previously had their own currencies have used.

The popular coin album PRESSO EURO-COLLECTION 2 "New Member countries" is the ideal addition to any euro collection. The collector's album is made of high-quality printed sturdy cardboard and has a pre-punched insert for pressing in the extended 12 euro countries - starting with the first expansion with Slovenia in 2007. The album is also already prepared for future euro countries. External format: 255 x 280 mm.

The following twelve countries can be found in the coin album PRESSO EURO-COLLECTION 2 "New Member countries":

Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Cyprus.

In the coin album PRESSO EURO-COLLECTION 2 there are eight placeholders for the coins of one cent, two cents and five cents (reddish colored, steel with copper coating), ten, twenty and fifty cents (yellowish colored, Nordic gold) as well as one and two euros (bimetal) provided.

Above all, the new euro countries have developed into an exciting area for collecting in recent years and the euro coins from countries such as the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), from the Mediterranean region (Malta and Cyprus) and Eastern Europe ( Slovakia, Slovenia) have become popular collector's items.

With the PRESSO EURO-COLLECTION 2 "New Member countries" coin album, collectors can always keep track of the fascinating "newcomers to the euro" and make their collection fit for the coming years and the future expansion of the euro zone.

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