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Inflation money pocket album for 20 banknotes

Item number: 369425
12,95 incl. VAT and exclusive of shipping
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Product description

· Sturdy cover
· 20 permanently-bound covers made of plasticizer
and acid-free polypropylene (PP)

· Cover format: 210 × 143 mm

· Outer format: 225×150×40 mm

The visions of hyperinflation are still anchored in the memory of many nations, such as the hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic, Germany, in 1923. Even today, this period is deemed as traumatic, even for younger generations, who did not even witness the poverty resulting from the financial misery. Hardship and misery knew no bounds as the printing presses steadily increased the speed at which money was printed in 1923, and additional zeros were continually added to banknote denominations. The memory of this era of hyperinflation is still very much alive today as a result of the many banknotes that were printed between 1921 and 1923. The banknotes of this period have not only become historical documents, they are also coveted collectors’ items.
Indeed, hyperinflation is an attractive collecting field, no matter whether the banknote stems from the Reichsbank or is one of the many local emergency issues. As most of the banknotes issued during this era have since been destroyed or damaged in the turmoil of the crisis years, the hunt for pristine examples is almost like a treasure hunt. Consequently, this exclusive LEUCHTTURM album is an ideal way to preserve your notaphilistic treasures from that era. The album can hold up 20 banknotes measuring max. 210 x 143 mm. The cover image was modelled on a typical banknote from that period.