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OPTIMA Pre-printed album "Euro 2-Euro commemorative coins" (German Edition)

Item number: 800529

• Bookbinding finish
• Leatherette cover
• Updates by means of supplements that appear annually
• Incl. coin sheets and illustrated album pages with images

59,95 incl. VAT and exclusive of shipping

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Product description

OPTIMA classic coin album for storing all* European 2-euro commemorative coins. Collect your 2-euro commemorative coins in two expandable volumes. The theme “2-euro joint issue coins” is covered in a separate album (ref. no.: 343 382). Includes coin sheets and illustrated pages and important background information regarding year of issue, the coin motif and the issue occasion. Kept up to date thanks to annually released supplements. Overall size of album: 245 x 270 mm; overall size of slipcase: 250 x 280 x 60 mm.
(German edition.)
Band 1:
Contents: 12 OPTIMA coin sheets and 12 illustrated pages. Contains the following themes: complete* collection of 2-euro commemorative coins issued from 2004 up to and including 2013, as well as the German “Federal state series” of 2-euro commemorative coins which take into account all of the five mints up to and including 2013. Album includes matching slipcase.

Band 2:
Contents: 12 coin sheets and 12 illustrated pages for 2-euro commemorative coins issued from 2014-2017

*Excludes the 2-euro joint issue coins (see separate album).

Background information all in German

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