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coin sheets VISTA, for German10/20/25-Euro commemorative coins

Item number: 353747

• Suitable for all VISTA and OPTIMA ring binders• Sheets size: 200x 250 mm

9,95 (pack of 2) incl. VAT and exclusive of shipping
Item in stock, delivery in 5-10 working days

Product description

Blue colour, OPTIMA format 20 x 25 cm, 4-ring reinforced holes. For labeling we recommend the sticker- set LEEURO 3. (321082) fits for all OPTIMA-binder.

Use Sheet Quantity no. of coins

For sets of eight euro coins in circulation 2 16

For 2-euro coins 2 20

For German 5-euro commemorative coins 2 10

For German 10-euro commemorative coins 2 9

For German 10-, 20-, 25-euro comm. coins 2 9

For German 10 Euro "Luft bewegt" 2 10

For 2 Euro Erasmus 2 1x12/1x11

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